saltwater pearl powder

An ancient beauty secret and potent mineral medicine, Pearl powder has the richest source of calcium on the planet, but also comes with many more beneficial elements like magnesium, zinc, trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

This powerful ocean substance can be used daily for optimal beauty, health, and holistic healing.


· from fresh sustainable saltwater pearls
· ultra nano ground for high bioavailability and absorption
· solvent-free
· no fillers
· mineral dense


saltwater pearl powder


· highly medicinal and nutrient-dense tonic
· source of bioavailable calcium and trace minerals
· supports better sleep
· enhances mental and emotional health
· enhances cellular growth and repair
· stimulates collagen regeneration and growth of renewed tissue
· prevents and repairs free radical damage to the skin
· anti-aging properties
· helps heal wounds
· enhances skeletal and bone health

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