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A highly concentrated and balanced blend to safeguard and regenerate the liver.

A healthy liver is critical for good health as this organ is responsible for 500 vital processes in the body. Many disease patterns are connected to lousy liver, including migraine, asthma and allergies, skin problems, inflammation, autoimmune disease, and cancer. A happy liver is a top priority for overall well-being.

The Liver Protector can be added to your daily routine to help safeguard and regenerate your liver from damage, increases secretion of bile, improves liver and gallbladder function, and support digestive health by increasing the production of liver enzymes. 



· highly concentrated
· dual extraction
· alcohol-free
· organic coconut glycerin-based


· Organic Milk Thistle Seed
· Organic Dandelion Root
· Organic Artichoke Leaf
· Organic Schisandra Berry
· Organic Barberry Root
· Organic Burdock Root
· Organic Chicory Root
· Organic Turmeric Root
· Organic Reishi Mushroom (fruiting body)
· Organic Angelica Root
· Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark
Other Ingredients:
· Organic coconut glycerin, purified water


· supports the liver to heal and regenerate
· drainage enhancing properties via the liver, lymph nodes, colon, and kidneys
· digestion-enhancing properties
· supports immune health
· might help clear skin and acne due to supporting the liver
· blood purifying properties
· supports hormone balance


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