Elevate Your Mind and Uplift Your Mood

A synergistic blend of ancient, adaptogenic herbs with two main ingredients of Saffron and Ginkgo traditionally used to uplift the spirit, raise consciousness and improve concentration.


· dosage: 1 capsule
· supply: 2 months
· strength per capsule: 708.5mg


· Organic Turmeric
· Organic Ginkgo Biloba
· Organic Saffron
· Fulvic Acid


This formula can help you achieve better overall mental and physical health.
· Enhance memory and focus
· Slow cognitive decline
· Improve blood circulation in the body & brain
· Curb free radicals with powerful antioxidants
· Reduce inflammation
· Reduce PMS symptoms
· Improve your libido
· Improve digestion
· Improve eye health




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